Thursday, October 17, 2019

Too Many Rules, Too Many White Guys? Williams College Student Leaders Seek to Abolish College Council

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - For most of the world, the bigoted hate speech directed against white male representatives at the April 9, 2019 Williams College Council meeting illustrated how identity politics has created an environment of open antagonism. For key student leaders, however, that tirade has provoked a sincere desire to scrap the College Council all together.

What would replace it would probably be a new student organization which would limit the influence of white students and allow the no-strings attached distribution of cash grants to black students.

This is, after all, the demand which apparently ignited the angry anti-white tirade in the first place. The complaint of the black students who viciously attacked white male representatives was that being forced to politely ask for money and justify its use was so unfair that it was the equivalent, as Isaiah Black '21, said of "sucking white dick." In this case, Isaiah

Blake indicated “We want some money to fucking cook some fried fucking chicken and be niggers.”

In this case, Blake's request apparently violated at least two of the key rules supposed to be enforced by the College Council including stipulations that

  1. All events funded by College Council must be free to attend and open to the entire campus.
  2. College Council funds cannot be used for personal items, food for non-all-campus events, alcohol & other regulated substances, or direct donations to charity.
From the nature of Blake's comments it is perfectly clear that he was trying to establish a black only event and that the use of the money would be to purchase food for a black only event.

Instead of looking for ways to limit the verbal abuse of white students, a number of student leaders have turned instead to a new approach with would junk the existing bylaws along with the rules and procedures which are in place to avoid self-dealing, corruption, and the misuse of scarce College Council funds. In other words, these student leaders are looking to create a governing system which would resemble the corrupt big city systems which have enriched corrupt black leaders for years.

This development follows years of concern among student leaders over the abuse of CC funds by student groups including groups which stockpiled the money they received instead of spending it as they promised. See,

Transparency in College Council Funding (2011)

In 2018, good government activists on the College Council caught the group's treasurer violating at least three of their bylaws. In response, however, the members of the College Council ended up protecting the feckless treasurer and censuring the student leaders who led the effort to clean up his mess. See,

Following investigation, College Council votes to retain treasurer; censures co-presidents

Predictably, the anti-accountability, anti-rules, anti-CC activists are also worried that having bylaws, rules, expectations and accountability gives too much power the white guys on campus, the ones who - out of common sense not racism - are skeptical of the advisability of giving out large amounts of cash to their fellow students without much oversight. As two leftist student leaders noted earlier this year:
...College Council continues to reproduce the biases of the administration. For instance, last week, College Council engaged in blatant anti-Blackness disguised as strict adherence to constitutional rules and bylaws. When Black femme organizers requested funding for Previews programming aimed at creating space for Black pre-frosh, they were met with an onslaught of questions. This interrogation fixated on the presumed exclusivity of Black Previews and failed to reckon with the fact that Black Previews is not about exclusivity, but about inclusivity and belonging. Black students have taken on the extra labor to independently fill a gap in Previews programming that the administration and Office of Admission has overlooked. Notably, the barrage of questions came primarily from white men and non-Black members of color on College Council. 
As the school year progresses, readers of Williams Liberty are advised to look out for changes in student government which would increase the likelihood of corruption, that is practices which would make it easier for students to line their own pockets with money that is supposed to go for activities which benefit the entire campus. In particular, they should look out for practices which are disguised as beneficial to the community which, instead, provide opportunities for students to spend CC resources on themselves by prohibiting standard accountability measures including collecting receipts, sticking to request guidelines, and following the CC's bylaws and procedures.

Unfortunately, traditional anti-corruption measures are now seen as "anti-Blackness." This attitude is supplemented and encouraged by the post-modern view that corruption is perhaps just as good as clean government. Clean government is seen as a white cultural attitude which has no more authority or moral standing that the idea that it is okay to loot public or government resources to benefit one's own race or oneself.  In this context, the misappropriation of student funds may be interpreted as a means of creating equity, that is taking resources from whites and giving it to blacks as a matter of justice.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

WIFI Scandal Results in Williams College CC Loss of Power to Approve Student Groups

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - It looks like the most interesting Williams College news is now coming from the interviews done on the Press Record podcast.

In this latest podcast, Rebecca Tauber '21 interviews College Council (CC) co-president Ellie Sherman '20. Sherman reveals a number of interesting things that haven't gotten much attention in the Williams Record including a nascent movement for the CC to abolish itself. You can hear the whole podcast along with its nifty jingle by clicking on the link below.

Most alarmingly, Sherman interprets the bigoted anti-white male tirade that marked the April 9, 2019 CC meeting as merely a conflict over funding for Black Previews. In contrast, most of the world saw this as an egregious example of the sort of anti-white harassment that is apparently routinely dished out to, and passively accepted by, white male students at Williams College.

Sherman indicates that a campus poll revealed that the student's top demand of the CC was the call for the abolition and restructure of the CC itself. Sorting through the code words, it looks like the aim of the abolition and restructure effort is to further advantage black students seeking free money by loosening the rules for obtaining funding and reducing the power of the white males who have apparently been standing in the way of dishing out the free money. According to Sherman, the CC is already working with "consultants" on this issue.

From the context of her comments, it is clear that these consultants are seeking ways to advantage black students like Isaiah Blake '21 who demanded money for a Black Preview event which would allow him and his associates to "fucking cook some fried fucking chicken and be niggers for once." Blake's complaint was that he did not like having to ask for this money, asserting it "is like sucking white dick every fucking day."

Apparently, Sherman and her fellow leftists fail to see that the CC would be better of hiring consultants to advice them how to properly conduct a meetings, maintain order, and implement thoughtful measures to guard against corruption. The CC, after all, has been the scene of highly questionable financial dealings in the past regarding the hoarding of CC money by student organizations and the failure of its treasurer to properly handle the CC's financial arrangements last summer.

Later, Sherman indicated that the CC had completely lost its power to approve or disapprove student organizations after the massive conflict over the approval of a student group called Williams Initiative for Israel which resulted in a Title IX investigation of Williams College.

The Press Record podcast also included some of the comments from anonymous students. They were asked what should be the biggest priority of the CC? The answers were interesting:

"Allocating funds."

"Rewriting the bylaws."

"CC should focus on abolishing itself. Rebuilding its foundations to be better in the future." 

"I want them to equally fund all student groups."

"Inclusion and diversity. No diversity, equity." 

"Abolish CC" 

"What does CC stand for?"

Songify the News: Americans Could Be Killed By A Drone

I am a big fan of music videos like this. I should learn to play the ukulele. Here are some example that I could listen to all day. If reader can inform me of other examples as fun as these, please let me know and I'll post them below.

I got interested in this genre thanks to the musical and artistic genius of Matt Kresling. He's a liberal, of course, but I can tolerate that when he does work this great. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Clueless in Williamstown: Leftist CC Members Ask What's Wrong with Us?

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - The Williams Record printed a brief statement from the Executive Committee of the Williams College Council which displays the profound degree to which student leaders have failed to learn from their self-made disasters last semester including allowing CARE Now activists to brutally demean white male representatives, discriminating against a Jewish student organization on political grounds, and allowing its members to vote secretly whenever the going got tough. Impervious to reality, the authors of the article seem to completely miss why the CC was subject to massive, national level, negative attention last semester.

The article goes off track almost immediately by failing to recognize that the leftist ideologues who dominate the CC are completely responsible for their own failures, failures which, predictably enough are simply the negative consequences of their own leftist ideology. Instead, the student leaders blame an amorphous "system".
...these problems are not something new. They come up each semester, regardless of who is serving on Council. The issue couldn’t be clearer: CC’s troubles are larger than any one person. They are rooted in its own rules and structure.
Oh, please. Where in the rules and structure does it suggest it is okay to verbally humiliate white male representatives as occurred at the famous April 9, 2019 CC meeting? 

What was so alarming about that effort is that the student representatives failed to protect the white students from the bigoted tirade directed at them by Seyi Olaose '21 and Isaiah Blake '21. Instead, the CC's response then, and now, appears to be that this racist, anti-white, verbal tirade was justified because of they way the CC considers requests from black students. Nonsense. No one should be harmed with verbal abuse. There should be absolutely no tolerance for it. No one deserves it. No one at all. 

In a shocking display of self unawareness, the student leaders assert that they have power on campus apart from the school itself, saying: "We, a small group within CC, may not know the answers to all these questions but what we do know is that the future of student government at Williams will be conceived by its students." Please. Someone on campus needs to educate these privileged kids about reality. The CC is simply, always, a dependent, relatively powerless, toothless organization. It is there to reduce the power of students through co-optation. Simple as that. 

Blind to the causes of its national disgrace, the student leaders of the CC announce they intend to fix their existing problems by doing....wait for it...more of the same! In this case, they plan to reach "...out to members of multiple student clubs that have historically been marginalized by our processes." This excludes, of course, the white male students who have been consistently the targets of abusive practices like affirmative action, vile anti-white ideologues, and biased anti-white professors and staff. 

My prediction. Look forward to a humorous year where the CC does exactly the same things that caused so many problems last year. Also, don't send your precious children to Williams College. If they are there now, find them a better place to grow...somewhere they can thrive.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist and a former Williams College professor. He is an occasional contributor at American Thinker, Breitbart, Front Page, PJMedia and WND.

Accountability for Thee, But Not for Me: Williams Record Admonishes Williams College Council

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - In the Williams Record today, we can find a nifty opinion piece where the unnamed authors ignore the vicious, bigoted abuse of white students on the College Council, while demanding new standards for elected student leaders that the Williams Record would never mi live up to itself. How charmingly New England...

1. Transparency

For example, there is now a demand for greater accountability from the CC, particularly a call to stop the abuse of power we saw last semester when student representatives took the cowardly approach of discriminating against a Jewish student organization, Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI), by failing to reveal their vote records. This way student representatives managed to bring negative national/international attention to their decision in a manner which shielded them from appropriate individual consequences.

Pro Tip: The Williams Record should also also list its editorial board members and how they vote on each collective opinion. The current practice of saying that an editorial opinion was the product of a majority of the board members is a subterfuge designed to give each member of the board the opportunity to plausibly deny they supported any particular editorial position. 

2. Diversity and Equality

The major news from last semester was not the process of approving funding for Black Previews. It was the outright, hateful, bigot tirade that two CARE Now black activist students directed again white male students on the College Council at the April 9, 2019 meeting. Watch the video (the shouting begins at 45:00).

The verbal attack on the young white men was so intense that it brought some of them to tears. This display of emotion only emboldened the verbally abusive students. Seyi Olaose '21 used these tears to further the white student's humiliation.

Seyi Olaose: This is white liberal s***.

Isaiah Blake: This is the s***, the tears…

Seyi Olaose: Because nobody wants to talk. Because you had a lot of questions. You had a lot of questions. And I’ve had classes with you. I know what kind of d***heads you are. I’ve had political science with you. It’s s*** that opens up all a yo white moderate f***ing liberal bullshit. I know the type of person you are. So what do you want to say?

The Williams Record conveniently forgets its responsibility to preserve a healthy learning environment for white male students on campus, students who should have never been verbally abused in this manner.

Pro Tip: The Williams Record should start printing up anonymous comments from white students who wish to complain about the way their are being mistreated by members of the administration, faculty and student body. Failing to protect white male students is clearly racism by any definition. 

3. Communication

The Williams Record insists The CC site should be updated more frequently to reflect weekly developments. Meanwhile, the paper only reports once a week and censors comments from those it disagrees with including outside political activists.

Pro Tip: The Williams Record should permit its opponents to register their objections to their news articles. This way full communication might be restored...especially for ex-faculty and ex-students who have been harmed by the leftwing bias of the campus.

4. FinCom Reform

The Record wants the student body to elect the members of the committee that approves requests for funding. I assume this is because the FinCom is dominated by white guys. The Record probably thinks fiscally responsible, white men would be less likely to make those decisions if they were subject to direct election. 

Pro Tip: Likewise, the Williams Record should open up the deliberations of its editorial board. In fact, the members of the board should be directly elected by the students. The editorial board should be expected to behave in a manner more consistent with its own seemingly Maoist ideology. 

5. Acknowledging Mistakes and Revising Policy

The Williams Record asks the CC to correct some of its "mistakes" while ignoring the most glaring, alarming mistakes which caught national attention. There is no suggestion that the CC should properly and accurately record its minutes, enlist a Sargent-at-Arms to police their meetings, or follow its own bylaws for the achievement of a quorum. The CC meetings I watched last semester were poorly led, poorly policed, and conducted with little attention to the CC's own, written rules and regulations. This is an affront to anyone with a sincere interest in democratic governance. It also opens up members of the CC to public ridicule for their fecklessness and inexperience with onvious political norms. 

Pro Tip: The Williams Record should follow its own procedures and immediately do everything in its power to make the campus more hospitable for white male students, Republicans, Jews, and conservatives. This means appointing conservative columnists, developing positive stories about the white race and its cultural achievements, protecting pro-Israel students from physical threats and verbal abuse, and providing opportunities for conservative students, faculty and alumni to add their opinions and recommendations in a fair and balanced manner within each article. 

The most significant question on campus is whether or not the Williams Record has the guts needed to apply the standards it expects of the CC to itself. Does it, in the end, do the right thing or not? 

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is a former Williams College political science professor. He is an occasional contributor at American Thinker, Breitbart, Front Page, PJMedia and WND.

Don't Hate Me Bro: Four Conservative Williams College Professors Speak Out

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - The Williams Record interviewed four conservative professors (three with tenure and one without who is leaving soon) who spoke about their political views and the campus climate at Williams College. It was heart-warming to see their bravery in action. After all, their liberal colleagues can still do a lot to make their lives miserable.
Four professors agreed to go on the record for this article: Professor of Mathematics Steven Miller; Professor of Art Michael Lewis; Professor of Political Science Darel Paul; and Visiting Professor of American Foreign Policy Chris Gibson, who will depart the College and begin teaching at Siena College, his alma mater, at the end of the academic year.

While they all fit under the umbrella term of “conservative,” these professors hold a range of beliefs.

Gibson, a former congressman from New York’s 19th congressional district, described himself as a “founding principles conservative” whose beliefs developed during Ronald Reagan’s 1980 candidacy.

Miller called himself a “conservative libertarian” who agrees with portions of Ayn Rand’s objectivism.

Lewis, who spent much of his life as a Democrat, said, “I consider myself a cultural conservative forced by unfortunate circumstances to vote Republican.”

Paul is also a former Democrat, now “a cultural conservative and an economic liberal.”

In general, the four share themes which are common among ideological conservatives who have found a niche for themselves in the leftist educational system namely 1) there are more conservatives on the faculty than you think, 2) they get along with their colleagues, 3) they tend to shield their students from their conservative views, and they perceive themselves to be largely apolitical...that is simply as scholars searching after the truth.

They also provide support for the idea that conservative students on campus do need to have conservative role models and people to speak with who share their ideology.
As Miller indicates, conservative students benefit from like-minded voices. “I think it would be absolutely terrible if conservative students only talked to conservatives, or if liberal students only talked to liberals. But every now and then, it is nice to talk to some people, especially if you’re in a situation where you will be ostracized on this campus if you show happiness that Trump won,” he said.
I can't recall ever reading an article like this in the Williams Record before. When I taught at Williams College in the 1980s, there were maybe four registered Republicans in the faculty including myself. None of them, however, were in the political science department and none of them were vocal opponents of affirmative action. That is, except for me. While I was at Williams College we had a growing, vibrant conservative Republican movement on campus including our own newspaper, Garfield Republican Club, along with television and radio shows. Today, however, conservative students appear to be confined largely to students in the Society for Conservative Thought or Williams Catholic.

Ideally, future articles in the Williams Record will feature interviews with ex-conservative professors, those who found the campus environment exceedingly hateful and biased against them. Comme moi.

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist and a former Williams College professor. He is an occasional contributor at American Thinker, Breitbart, Front Page, PJMedia and WND.