Thursday, August 15, 2019

Forbes - Williams College Slips from #1 to Ratings Don't Matter

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - According to Forbes, Williams ranks 19th in the nation. For purposes of comparison, Williams ranked number one in both 2010 and 2011.

It is my understanding that the Forbes ranking prioritizes getting value out of one's educational investment. I assume they are still using the same criteria they reported in 2011 which reads:
Forbes' rating system utilizes five categories to determine school rankings. Student satisfaction includes analyses of teacher quality and student retention rates, among other indicators. The debt category accounts for the average dollar amount students owe upon graduating. The rankings also factor in 4-year graduation rates as well as the number of students winning prestigious fellowships and scholarships. Finally, evaluators account for post-graduate success by examining how school alumni fare in the professional world.
Today, Forbes places Williams behind other notable colleges including Cornell where I did my graduate work. Other familiar institutions rated higher than Williams include Brown, Dartmouth and Pomona. Part of the problem seems to be that Williams costs more that Harvard and yet is students end up earning less than Harvard graduates.

Why is Williams College falling out of its previously coveted number one ranking? At the root of most of these measures is the merit of various participants in the college's life. Here, identity politics looks like the most reasonable cause of the drop in status. For example, faculty members picked for their diversity instead of their excellence will naturally reduce the quality of teaching. Bringing in unqualified students will decrease retention rates since these students will most likely crumble under the pressure of competing with their brighter, more together peers. Likewise, a lower quality student body will also be less likely to win awards including fellowships and scholarships. Finally, students who have been largely studying in the great grievance fields will be unlikely to do well in the professional or business world.

Although I've been proud to say I taught at the top liberal arts college in the nation, I've always known that liberal arts colleges are not in the same league as research universities. I've known that Williams benefited in the U.S. News and World Report rankings because of the size of its endowment. Now, I imagine, the proponents of identity politics, who have dominated the campus for years, will finally back off because they realize they have damaged the brand. Not.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Williams College Elites: Now Environmentalism Is Racist Too

I was just scanning the Williams Magazine and I noticed the an article on the topic of environmental justice. Apparently, protecting the environment is now racist. (Isn't everything?) As you might expect, it is filled with an overwhelming amount of impossible to understand annoying politically correct babble. 

"Building a relationship between the Davis Center and the Zilkha Center allows our students to think about these terms as complementary," says Cecilia Del Cid, Assistant Director of the Davis Center, "to recognize that capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy have allowed corporations, colonialism, imperialism to continue to perpetrate many of these injustices."

In reality, of course, the U.S. leads the world in terms of protecting the environment and creating clean, safe, healthy places to live. However, if you think that white people would get credit for protecting the environment, then you don't know how wily and evil white people really are since they are actually harming minorities when they make efforts to protect the environment. For example, as I understand it, foolish racist white people thought they were making the world better by creating Central Park, but in reality they made the world worse by forcing blacks (and Irish) out of Central Park. 

One of the most bizarre comments comes from James Manigault-Bryant, the moderator, Associate Professor and Chair of Africana Studies. He focuses on how protection of the forest actually harms the interest of blacks and other minorities.

He ominously asserts: "What strikes me is how central the forest is physically, but symbolically as well. What draws people here is an opportunity to have the privilege of being removed, of being in the wilderness to come to a sense of themselves. What you’re challenging us to think about is: At what cost is Williams able to sustain that forest?" He adds, later on: 
The ways land is apportioned and protected for certain purposes has an effect on who comes and lives here. As the college continues to pursue this aim of diversity, particularly among faculty, this is central. Will people come here and stay? Can they imagine having a life here? It’s dependent upon the uses of land—the way you put it earlier... about protecting the forest and how that comes into tension with other perspectives.
Accordingly, he wants to see us develop "an alternative, more inclusive definition of “environment,” which is crucial to the conversation." As far as I can tell, James Manigault-Bryant is seeking to promote a new way of thinking about environmentalism that changes the word to mean that messing up the environment is okay as long as it benefits non-whites. Or something like that.

Ken Cuccinelli Tears Apart CNN Anchor Erin Burnett '98 on Historic Public Charge Rules

NEW YORK, NY - In a recent CNN broadcast, CNN's Erin Burnett '98 challenged the acting US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli on the Trump administration's new immigration regulation, a regulation which would tighten up the enforcement of existing laws requiring that immigrants not become a burden to society. You can click on the blue start button below to watch the segment in question.

Burnett argued that her grandparents came to America with no education and that the rule would exclude people like them. Cuccinelli tore apart her argument, however, indicating that public charge rules applied to her legal immigrant relatives as well as his. In fact, the public charge rules existed at the same time as the stirring poetry on the Statue of Liberty. Cuccinelli pointed out that the impoverished huddled masses welcomed to America were Europeans who suffered from the restrictions of an ossified class-based society. According to Cuccinelli, the federal level public charge regulations were enacted a year prior to the completion of the Statue of Liberty.

Moreover, as one Twitter user observed, it seems disingenuous for Burnett to position her family and perhaps herself as poor beleaguered illegal immigrants just like those unlawfully coming across the border from Mexico. It is ironic because the Burnett family appears to have done well in the U.S. According to Wikipedia,
Burnett was born and raised in Mardela Springs, Maryland. She is the youngest daughter of Esther Margaret (née Stewart) and Kenneth King Burnett, a corporate attorney. She is of Irish and Scottish ancestry. Burnett attended St. Andrew's School, a private co-educational college preparatory boarding school in Middletown, Delaware, graduating in 1994. She returned to the school in 2009 to deliver the commencement speech. She then attended Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where she studied political science and economics, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political economy. As an undergraduate, she played lacrosse and field hockey.
You can check out the Twitter comments going after Erin Burnett '98 below.  

Monday, August 12, 2019

Stiff and Obsequious - Williams College Profs Promote Their E-mail Ideals

I saw on Twitter that one of the campuses woke professors, Phoebe Cohen, has signed off on a special document meant to tell students how to send e-mails to their professors. While some of the advice is just common sense, parts of it reflect the anxieties and fears of our left-wing professors. Here is a JPEG of the full document.

As a former Williams College professor, I'm interested in some of the details here. First, they insist that you call all your faculty members "Professor." In the first place this is just silly. No one with any sophistication would capitalize the word professor if they used it in a sentence. We don't even capitalize the word president.

I assume that this is done in place of the more normal "Dr." As far as I can tell, this change is recommended because not all your professors have the doctoral degrees? I would have thought it weird to be called a "professor" in a salutation as if my job is a defining aspect of my identity. Yuk! It also strikes me as terribly old-fashion. It is just the sort of salutation I expect an immature, insecure, female professor might crave as a designation which made up for the fact that she never got married and never had any children. Too bad, identity politics has erased virtually all of the status formerly assigned to real professors who were picked for their excellence instead of the contribution to the diversity circus.

The most weird part of the document is that way each of the faculty contributors/reviewers are repetitiously refereed to as Professor X. This is just extreme silliness.

Based on Twitter comments, it also seems to hurt "Professor" feelings if you signal that you don't have the slightest idea of what they do or why it is extremely important. Moreover, if you refer to your desire to become an attorney, a military officer, or a medical doctor, you again hurt their feeling by even suggesting that their careers are not important or valuable enough to emulate.

The larger issue is that this odd, controlling document is designed to teach students to be subservient and obsequious. We are apparently in a new era where being bold, funny, and outspoken is considered a lower value and an inappropriate approach to life. For me, encouraging students to model their work on the inappropriate e-mail would do more for building their character and promoting their success than the timid e-mail promoted by the responsible faculty members.

There is a truly funny example of an acceptable vs. unacceptable e-mails after the break.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Movie Showing Elites Hunting Down Trump Supporters Slated to Hit Theaters in September 2019

Even Hollywood is promoting the sort of anti-white hate we saw directed against white representatives at the Williams College Council meeting of April 9, 2019. Right now, Universal Pictures is promoting a new film in which liberal elites stalk and kill Trump supporters.

“The Hunt” shows people hunting down “deplorables.”

“Did anyone see what our [expletive]-in-chief just did?” one character asks, reported the Hollywood Reporter. “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

According to the Reporter, the movie’s script features blue-state characters hunting down red-state characters, characters with pro-life positions or who are labeled racists.

Unfortunately, Williams College has been a national leader in teaching anti-white propaganda. It has contributed to the efforts to turn innocent white kids in to villains who deserve to be mistreated and humiliated. Hopefully, in this next semester there will be more people on campus seeking to defend whites against abuse.

I just found out this morning, August 10, that Universal Pictures has cancelled the release of this film. It was originally called "Red State, Blue State".

'The Hunt' canceled by Universal following significant backlash
According to president Donald Trump, "What they’re doing, with the kind of movie they’re putting out, it’s actually very dangerous for our country. What Hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country.” Thankfully, it looks like someone in Hollywood has come to their senses. 

No Whites Allowed: Williams College Promotes Discriminatory Conference on Technology

As one of the white scholars harmed by affirmative action in the 1980s it really ticks me off to see Williams College promoting anti-white discrimination three decades later. The real institutional discrimination in our society is directed at young whites...not minorities. Here's an example of what I consider pure evil. If the link breaks's a screenshot.

In this example, Williams College is hosting a symposium on "New Voices in Science & Technology Studies" which specifically discriminates against whites. This is the sort of symposium which looks good on someone's CV. The school will be providing a $500.00 honorarium and providing room and board for all the presenters.

As a matter of equity, there really should be a whites only symposium focused on institutionalized discrimination against young white men in technology. For example, what about a paper on the mistreatment of whites at Google?

If you have questions about why whites are facing racial discrimination, then you really ought to send an e-mail to the following address: laura.ephraim@williamscollege.

Check Out Steve Miller's Math Riddles

As you may know, Steven Miller is a math professor at Williams College. I just learned that he maintains a special website devoted to math riddles. It looks like fun. Check it out by clicking on this link. By the way, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Miller received a BS in mathematics and physics from Yale in 1996 and then earned a PhD in mathematics from Princeton in 2002. He is probably the smartest person on the faculty. 

Prior to coming to Williams, Professor Miller taught at Princeton, New York University, (The) Ohio State University, and Brown. His wife, Liz, is a professor of Marketing at Boston College, and the couple has two young children, Cameron and Kayla. Professor Miller’s hobbies, aside from math, include tennis, sailing, reading (primarily historical fiction, politics, and science fiction), Boston sports teams, bridge, and twistie art. For more about Professor Miller, visit his website.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Not So Fast with the Sainthood: The Unseemly Side of Williams College Ex-President Francis Oakley

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - Nicholas Clifford has a glowing, overly sentimental, even saccharine report on Francis Oakley's From the Cast Iron Shore: In Lifelong Pursuit of Liberal LearningUniversity of Notre Dame Press, 2019.You can read Clifford's article, "The Little Ivies’ Aggiornamenti" over at the Commonweal website.

The gist of the article is  Clifford feels such fondness and affinity to Francis Oakley that he sees a certain synchronicity that aligns his life with Oakley's. Both of them, for example, once rescued horses.
Finally, on a lighter note—that of odd coincidences—is a little domestic tale about the Oakley family horse, whose screams one night brought the whole family out to untangle the poor animal from some webbing that was entrapping her. I can’t help wondering if that was about the same time when, a hundred miles north of Williamstown, screams from our own family horse brought out me and my wife and our four pajama-clad girls, they holding flashlights while I managed somehow to cut away the bits of wire fence that had caught up Irish Maid’s right hind leg. This was one of many coincidences in this book that sometimes made me feel as if I had encountered not just a kindred spirit but a parallel life.
Nevertheless, Clifford does do us a service by recounting how Oakley, a Catholic, critiqued the doctrine of papal absolutism as ahistorical as part of a larger liberal attack on the Catholic Church. Simultaneously, in his scholarship, Oakley helped lead changes at Williams College which were designed to update the institution. This is the aggriornamenti described in the title of the article. Aggriornamenti is simply a Latin term for bringing something up-to-date.

Over Oakley's time at Williams College, Clifford reports that "Oakley watched the 'old Williams' (as he calls it), with its WASPy ways and fraternity traditions, giving way to new concerns brought on by the civil-rights movement, the Vietnam war, and the rise of student protests."

Before we turn Francis Oakley into an icon of academic enlightenment, however, we might spend a moment or two remembering the people he harmed along the way. In particular, we might want to hear from the enemies he created by bringing about affirmative action policies which discriminated against young white male scholars and students.

Oakley was part of a generation of liberals who decided that their academic institutions were too white. As they brainstormed solutions to the "whiteness" problem, it never occurred to them to resign their cushy academic jobs to make room for new, younger minority scholars. Instead, leaders like Oakley decided it was better to force the costs of their policies on to unsuspecting young white male and female graduate students who, after years of hard work and often pitiful poverty, were seeking their first jobs in the academic world. Oakley was among those who were the first to suggest to these white graduate students: "Sorry you're white."

Over the years, Oakley has been indifferent and insensitive to the suffering he caused for the real people he hurt and harmed by promoting and signing off on affirmative action programs at Williams College.

Today, one of Francis Oakley's legacies is that Williams College is filled with a surprising amount of anti-white hate.

One April 9, 2019, for example, the College Council allowed two black activist students to engage in a long, videoed, bigoted anti-white rant against young white students whose only real sin was a desire to follow the rules. As far as I can tell, neither of the black, CARE Now activists were ever punished for their racially motivated verbal abuse of their fellow students.

As future generations look back on the mistreatment of young whites at Williams College, Francis Oakley's contribution to all that anti-white hate will need to be assessed and put into context. I suspect his responsibility for the pain he caused the innocent victims of his aggriornamenti - both in the past and now - will certainly be a factor as we evaluate his application for academic sainthood.

John C. Drew, Ph.D., is a former Williams College professor in American politics and political economy. He contributes to American Thinker, Breitbart, Campus Reform, The College Fix, and WorldNetDaily.

Howard Herman on Michelyne Pinard Women's Soccer Coach Leaving Williams College

Howard Herman has a touching and inspiring article in the Berkshire Eagle discussing the extraordinary record and amazing strategy of Michelyne Pinard, the woman's soccer coach at Williams College.

As he points out: "Of all the great Berkshire County high school and college coaches who have patrolled sidelines or sat in dugouts, Williams College women's soccer coach Michelyne Pinard might be first among equals. After all, when you have lost only 46 games out of 337 played in 17 seasons, and won three — count them — three national championships, you get to be called the best of the best." 

As you may know, Pinard is leaving Williams in October, at the end of the 2019 season. She will be moving out here to California. She will become the athletic director at The Thatcher School, a private, boarding school in Ojai. 

Howard Herman can be reached at, at @howardherman on Twitter, or 413-496-6253.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Williams College Warning: Philosophy is Lost!

Over at Powerline, Steve Hayward has a new article discussing the results of recent research demonstrating the considerable hostility of the academic community to conservatives. Here's the gist of his argument below:

Has academic philosophy become as hopelessly politicized as other humanities? That’s a question treated in a forthcoming paper in Philosophical Psychology entitled “Ideological Diversity, Hostility, and Discrimination in Philosophy.” From the abstract:
We found that survey participants clearly leaned left (75%), while right-leaning individuals (14%) and moderates (11%) were underrepresented. Moreover, and strikingly, across the political spectrum, from very left- leaning individuals and moderates to very right-leaning individuals, participants reported experiencing ideological hostility in the field, occasionally even from those from their own side of the political spectrum. Finally, while about half of the subjects believed that discrimination against left- or right-leaning individuals in the field is not justified, a significant minority displayed an explicit willingness to discriminate against colleagues with the opposite ideology.”
Some of the details from the full article are even worse:
“The more right-leaning the participant, the more hostility they reported personally experiencing from colleagues, and, overall, the more left-leaning the participant, the less hostility they reported personally experiencing.”
“Participants also perceived right-leaning individuals in the field… to experience more hostility than left-leaning subjects.”
“Participants reported that they would be more reluctant to defend their own argument if it led to a right-leaning conclusion… than if it led to a left-leaning one”
“There was no association between ideology and how often participants would be reluctant to defend their argument if it led to a left-leaning conclusion… These findings point toward an apparent stigma held by most participants, regardless of their political ideology, against defending right-leaning conclusions. Considered together with our other results, this reluctance to defend right-leaning conclusions may be the by-product of perceived or actual ideological discrimination within the field. It suggests the presence of ideological ‘self-censorship’”.
I think this is what is otherwise called in different contexts “epistemic closure.” Meanwhile, whenever I point out academic jobs ads that implicitly say “conservatives need not apply,” I am told it is an exaggerated phenomenon, etc. Thus, the finding of this study is significant:
“Significant correlations were found between ideology and the WTD [willingness to discriminate]
“The more left-leaning the participant, the more frequently a right-leaning perspective/individual would be viewed negatively in assessing grant applications, evaluating papers, inviting colleagues to symposia, and making hiring decisions involving two otherwise equally qualified candidates.
“There was a significant association between ideology and justification of discrimination against right-leaning individuals in the field… The more left-leaning the participant, the more justified they believed discrimination against right-leaning individuals to be. But… there was no significant association between ideology and justification of discrimination against left-leaning individuals.”

Friday, August 2, 2019

PDA for Mayor Pete: Williams College's John McGovern '21 Analyzes Buttigieg Campaign in NH

I'm always supportive of student journalists...even those on the left. John McGovern '21 has written a
solid piece about what Mayor Pete is doing behind the scenes to gain positive attention in the crucial primary state of New Hampshire. As McGovern writes:
A newly-elected state representative endorsed by the New Hampshire Young Democrats, Wilhelm met with over half the Democratic presidential field on the phone or one-on-one in person before declaring his support for Buttigieg last month. He first sat down with Buttigieg at a roundtable with other elected officials in an independent bookstore, where the South Bend Mayor and Afghanistan veteran recognized the first-term state legislator's AmeriCorps lapel pin.
Although he said he was always leaning towards Buttigieg, Wilhelm was not planning to endorse until the fall, after the 2019 municipal elections. That changed when Buttigieg released his national service plan, which Wilhelm highlighted in his introduction at the Dover rally. "The candidate with the best national service plan is totally going to get my vote," he said.
Wilhelm also credited the Buttigieg campaign for engaging local leaders. He noted that Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of the South Bend Mayor, canvassed for Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig last weekend. "This campaign is very eager to share the spotlight," he said, adding that other presidential campaigns sometimes "operate in a national context."
In my view, however, Buttigieg doesn't have a chance against his Democrat primary challengers. He is popular with the large donors and with the academic set, but he doesn't seem very popular with actual voters include black voters and Christian voters who don't seem to care for him.

John McGovern's work on NH politics was apparently made possible by a grant from The Robert G. Wilmers, Jr. 1990 Memorial Student Travel Abroad Fellowship. This program supports substantial academic research projects that require foreign travel. Successful projects will present an ambitious intellectual proposal with clear objectives and a defined research methodology. Sophomores and juniors are eligible.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Will Hardy '10 San Antonio Spurs Asst. Coach, USA Basketball Coach for FIBA 2019 & Tokyo 2020 Olympics

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – For those of us following Ephs in basketball, this is thrilling news. 

Former Williams College men's basketball player Will Hardy, was recently promoted to Assistant Coach with the NBA's San Antonio Spurs and he has also been named to the USA Basketball 2019 FIBA World Cup staff and USA Basketball's Tokyo 2020 Olympics staff.

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich will serve as the head coach of the USA 2019 FIBA World Cup team and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics USA Basketball team.

Check out the full story by clicking on The Williams College Daily

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mr. Right: Williams College Looking for an Interim Catholic Chaplin

I just noticed that Williams College is advertising an open position for an interim Catholic Chaplin. The previous Catholic Chaplin was Fr. Gary Caster who left after 12 years of devoted service. According to the school's estimate, there is a large number of Catholics at Williams College since they say that out of 2,100 students about 1,400 identify as Catholics. I would be curious to know if the loss of Fr. Gary Caster was related at all or in part to the negative reaction that occured when the official Williams College Twitter account called attention to Williams College students participating in a right to life rally.

Fr. Caster was a great guy. The Williams Record reported on him, saying was "...a Southern California native with training in congregational ministry, Caster has spent the last 26 years working in education. In his first week as a student at the University of Southern California, he visited their Newman Catholic Center. “Nobody said hello to me, nobody reached out to me and I never went back,” he said. Here, Caster tries to do the opposite, and he has an appreciation for the small size of the College. “I like that the students let me know what they need from me and how they need me to be and who they need me to be,” he said.

According to the Record, "Caster enjoys speaking at classes and getting students involved outside of campus. Williams Catholic, the College’s Catholic student group, frequently takes trips, but Caster stressed, “All of our activities are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a Catholic to take a trip with us somewhere.” He also teaches interested students how to fly-fish, and he will pay for any student to go golfing with him.”

Fr. Caster left a final statement on Facebook which read as follows:

Dear friends,
Happy Easter! In the glorious light of this Easter Season I wanted to share with all of you an important decision I have made. For the past twelve years I have had the privilege of serving as Catholic Chaplain at Williams College. I have cherished memories of the young, impressive women and men I have met throughout my time here. I will hold them within the depths of my heart for the rest of my life.
I mention this because I have resigned my position as Catholic Chaplain. After nearly thirty years in education, it's time for me to "graduate college," "move out of the basement" of Thompson Memorial Chapel and "get a job." Therefore, I will be returning to my home Diocese of Peoria, Illinois to begin a new experience of priestly service.
My last official day as Catholic Chaplain will be May 20, but my last Sunday Mass will be May 12 at 4:30 pm, upstairs in Thompson Memorial Chapel, with a reception following. There will be no 8:30 pm Mass that evening.
I can't adequately express my gratitude for everything I have been given these past twelve years, especially for what I have learned. Thank you all so very much for your patience with me and my weaknesses and failures. Please be assured that all those you love and serve will remain in my prayers.
Please pray for me as I begin this new chapter of my life.
Sincerely in the Lord,
Father Caster

Hopefully, he wasn't pushed out by liberal, leftist opponents who disagreed with his take on abortion. As you may know, the department is led by a liberal female, Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer, who is a member of the Episcopal church which ordains women. Clearly the school has little sensitivity to traditional Christians who would be appalled at this affront. Meanwhile, the Muslim Chaplin, Sharif Rosen, and the Jewish Chaplin, Seth Wax are still employed and fulfilling their functions.

Interestingly enough, Rabbi Wax indicates that little of his job has to actually do with religion. Nevertheless, he advertises that he bring his dog to work, a practice which must drive Imam Rosen crazy given Muslim's traditional prophet inspired disgust with man's best friend.  Arf!

The interim Catholic Chaplin's responsibilities seem broad. They will include but not be limited to:

  • Coordinate regular preaching and worship leadership responsibilities in consultation with the Chaplain to the College
  • Meet regularly with members of the Williams Catholic Community, especially the student leadership team
  • Hold at least two Masses a week (4:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sunday evening)
  • Officiate at weddings and funerals;
  • Provide pastoral care for all students regardless of faith tradition;
  • Provide sacramental ministry (including confirmation, baptism, confession, reconciliation, Eucharist, anointing of the sick).
  • Work with the Chaplain to the College and the Office of Human Resources to develop goals and strategies for the interim period;
  • Help student leaders carrying out their tasks;
  • Continue to develop and intentionally employ interim specialist skills, including listening, conflict management, healing, reconciliation, and others as appropriate;
  • Participate in Interfaith Council activities including meetings, activities, programs, and training.

With an emphasis on supporting student leaders, it looks like the college will be okay with the Catholic Chaplin organizing trips to anti-abortion rallies around the county.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders: One Comment Away from a Stroke

Bernie Sanders looked so angry tonight I feared for his arteries. He really is the most divisive candidate pitting everyone against the 1% as if that were a wholesome thing to do...or something well worth the apparently unrelenting anger.

It makes me wonder if Bernie is just, temperamentally, an extremely angry person and that politics is just he way of adapting to the needs of his own, violent neural system.

He looked so angry tonight that I feared, as president, he would nuke us. Meanwhile, the other candidates played their cards the best they could. Buttigieg played up his youth. Warren wore red to stress that she is a fighter.

It was fun for me to watch John Delaney get under her skin. At one point it looked like he was making her cry. Hickenlooper, again, impressed me. He stressed his practical experience, but forgot to mention how he'd work to get us all on marijuana. I liked another governor too, Steve Bullock. Unfortunately, he had his chin up to high during his sounded like he was choking or something. All three of them appeared to be gunning for Warren suggesting her ideas were silly, too expensive, impractical, or dead wrong. It was hard for me to find any fault with their critiques.

The best performance of the night, of course, came from Marianne Williamson, who was also gunning for Warren. Trish and I both contributed a dollar to her campaign in the expectation that we would do whatever we could to keep her on the debate stage. She looked great. She made the others look like they weren't really Democrats, that they were too wonky, that they were hypocrites for taking PAC donations.

As she said: "...if you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark physic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country then I’m afraid the Democrats are going to see some very dark days." All in all, she struck me as emotionally authentic and definitely not as scary as Warren or Bernie.

Meanwhile, I thought Amy Klobuchar's eye make-up made her look worse and perhaps even shorter. She looks like your angry, fat boss at the school district...not like a presidential candidate.

Among the congressman, I thought Beto O'Rourke continued his slide into immature ignominy. Tim Ryan said the right things, but then harmed his own message by looking oddly frightened. He seemed as if his mom had sent him to the corner for the debate.

All in all, it looks like most of the fire was trained on damaging Warren. It seems everyone has decided that Bernie is done. For me, I'm still supporting Marianne Williamson. Who needs an angry,  wonky commander-in-chief?

Williams College Archives: Racist AMKKK KILL Graffiti Hoax of 2016

I noticed there is still substantial interest in the great AMKKK KILL racist graffiti hoax which rocked Williams College in the wake of Trump's glorious election back in November, 2016.

This incident is a favorite among those of us who are weary of the false claims of racism which are now used to justify affirmative action, reparations, and new efforts to ban any criticism at all of POC. Unfortunately, the article in the Williams Record which the tweet attempts to link to is no longer available. I searched and could not find it myself. At any rate, here is a photo of the offending graffiti. The Berkshire Eagle did a report on the event too.

This graffiti was leveraged by the left to suggest that the forces of malevolent racism where active on campus. Alas, it later turned out that the graffiti was the work of two leftist students who thought they were making a statement intended " bring attention to the effects of the presidential election on many in our community."

The vandalism committed by these leftist students is evidence of the fact that at Williams College there was a time when the demand for racism exceeded its supply.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Cracks in the Ivory Tower: Perverse Incentives for Leftist Profs

The College Fix has an excellent review of a recent book by Jason Brennan and Phillip Magness titled “Cracks in the Ivory Tower: The Moral Mess of Higher Education.” The book uses an abundance of facts and research to back up the conclusion that much of what we most detest about colleges and universities is due to the perverse financial incentives which inform them.

I particularly enjoyed their succinct discussion of how a woke leftist professor seeks to profit from their contempt for their own institution. Notice how this quote seems to capture much of what is going on right now at Williams College:
Our college/university is systematically racist, heteronormative, classist and sexist. The best way to start down the long road to fixing these problems would be to increase my department’s budget, promote me, let me hire my friends, let me fire my enemies, require that students take my classes, require faculty to push my ideology, make my ideology part of first-year orientation, and give me power over other academic departments. That wouldn’t solve our problems, but it sure would help.
On top of this grab for power and money, the left also seeks to lock in their financial gains by setting up general education classes which students are forced to participate in. These classes ensure that this will always be students in even the most biased, politically correct courses.

All in all, conservative students at Williams College might be wise to study up on Brennan and Magness's book so they will have plenty of intellectual ammunition to put the left in its proper, greedy, self-serving place this fall. If you want more information, check out an interview of the authors at Inside Higher Ed.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Humor for Williams College Conservatives: Learning Your Pronouns in an ESL Class

Peggy Noonan has a new article on her website titled "What Were Robespierre’s Pronouns?" In it, she is drawing connections between the authoritarian left's identity politics and the French Revolution. Both sought to change people by changing language. She refers to the above YouTube video. It is frightening to think this is happening at places like Williams College.